Chi-Jer’s Vintage Bike Works | PJ Grakauskas

Chi-Jer's Vintage Bike Works | PJ Grakauskas

I Started riding motorcycles at a young age with brothers and dad. Went slow on the motocross track and quicker in the woods. Still just a squid of a rider at the time. Fast forward, graduated, 4 years in air force, started a family, went back to college, and started getting into riding again. To spend more time with pops in  the barn I started helping him ready his vintage bikes for racing. Then I decided to start taking bikes in the barn and turning them into rad machines I would want to ride. I haven’t stopped since. I don’t have customers, I  just like helping like-minded individuals. I try to just build rad shit that is fun. With that said I tend to gravitate toward big singles and 2 strokes. I got the opportunity to be part of Indian Motorcycles “the wrench” competition. That was major fun and I got to keep the Indian Scout I built for it after wards. I have a stupid amount of bikes that I’ve built and never find the heart to sell. The custom moto scene is a small one, and I’m happy to be just a small town, shed building hack, along for the ride.

Full time I work as a safety specialist for OSHA, and I have a gorgeous wife Lauren, and two little yipper boys 10 and 4. Noah and Lucas.  Noah just built his first custom XR75 this past spring! That was fun.

About The Build

So, the Honda NX650 (Dominator) was only available in the US for two years. It makes it kind of hard to acquire here in the states. Meanwhile across the pond...they are everywhere. I am sure what I am doing to this is going to anger the purist gods, but whatever. I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a convertible type of modern urban adventure bike. I wanted the functionality of it to take you to the office for work in style, change it up a little bit and be able to race it across the desert as well.

The subframe will be quickly removable as will the luggage type accessories. The bike is set to get more modern USD suspension up front, a new Lectron carb system, and Supertrapp exhaust. Modern Led lights and 19” front wheel / 17” in the back. The customer (who happens to be Morgan lmao) really wanted rear disc brake. The US model did not come with rear disc. I was able to source all the parts needed for the swap from a chap in Germany. Got a deal on it.

Upgrade everything, make it awesome and call it Dominatrix. Oh, they style we landed on is in tune with late 80s early 90s off-road racing- like Ivan Stewarts ford and later Toyota’s.