Built To Ride Tour Participant Policies

Schedule of Show Events:

Events happen rain or shine. Bonnier Events reserves the right to cancel or postpone any individual component of the show for any reason.

Pick-up of Registration Credentials:

In order to pick up your Registration credentials, the person who is registered must show their valid, un-expired Driver’s License at the Registration pick-up area at each event. Due to liability, you cannot pick up someone else’s Registration materials even if you have their confirmation and ID.


All sales are final. If you find you have inadvertently purchased the wrong type of ticket, please email BoxOffice@BonnierCorp.com with the details.


If Bonnier Events cancels or postpones an event due to government mandates pertaining to COVID19, tickets will be refunded minus the online processing fee.

Participant Conduct:

Bonnier Events expects and requires all participants and guests to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner during all activities of the event. Management will under no circumstances, tolerate any of the following: drunkenness, public nudity, recklessness, foul language, or fighting. There will be a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on disruptive behavior at all events. Bonnier Events reserves the right to eject participants from the event for inappropriate conduct inside or outside of the event grounds. Staff is present to ensure a fun event for everyone, please comply when they make a request.

TOUR Rules:

Bonnier Events is committed to ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience at our events. The maximum parking lot speed is 10 Miles Per Hour, conditions permitting, and all violators will be subject to immediate expulsion from the event.  Any participant doing burnouts or riding recklessly will also be subject to immediate expulsion.  THERE WILL BE ZERO TOLLERANCE for any behavior that endangers the well-being of our participants, guests or the public.  All participants are subject to the laws and regulations of both the State in which the event takes place and the facilities.  Bonnier Events reserves the right to deny any vehicle participation based on concerns of driver impairment, safety of vehicle or violation of either event rules, governing laws, or facility regulations.

Prohibited Items:

Drones are not permitted at any Bonnier Event. Anyone found to be flying a drone will be subject to immediate expulsion from the event. All bags are subject to search.

Animals & Pets:

We suggest you leave your pets at home.  If you choose to bring your pet, all animals must remain on a leash at all times.  Aggressive pets will not be tolerated.  You will be asked to leave if your pet is disruptive and you will forfeit your registration purchase. 

Parking Lots:

Parking vehicles, motorcycles and trailers is at your own risk.  Bonnier Events does not guarantee the safety or security of any property left at any site at any time.


Please email BoxOffice@BonnierCorp.com with any questions regarding these policies.